Special Permits For Foreign Football Personals Progress To Stage 2

According to the FA Thailand, the attempt to support foreign football personals, which consists of 77 individuals from 35 clubs, to return to Thailand has now progressed to the second stage. With endorsement from The Sports Authority of Thailand, the 77-name list has now been sent on to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry of Public Health for final approval.

Presently, affiliated clubs must prepare the following documents for their corresponding players and/or staff to apply for the Certificate of Entry:

1. Fit to Fly Health Certificate or Fit to Travel Health Certificate

2. Medical Certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected via RT-PCR (this certificate will only be valid for 72 hours ahead of departing for Thailand)

3. Health Insurance that covers COVID-19 and other medical expenses while staying in the Kingdom of Thailand (with the equivalent of or more than $100,000 USD medical expenses coverage)

4. A proof of address where the traveler will be quarantined for 14-days upon arrival into the Kingdom of Thailand.

After receiving the mentioned documents, players and staff stuck abroad must contact their respective country of departure’s Thai Embassy to continue proceeding forward to the next step for their Certificate of Entry into Thailand.

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