The AFF Suzuki Cup Might Be Postponed

A recent emergency online meeting was called by the Asian Football Federation with concerns regarding the feasibility of hosting the AFF Suzuki Cup this year.

Despite the AFF’s confirmation in mid-May that the bi-annual tournament will continue as scheduled, the COVID-19 scare and outbreak are yet to significantly decline causing doubts from multiple participating associations. At the meeting, the majority of members voiced that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to plague some ASEAN countries until the end of the year, and suggested that the competition should be held in 2021. This is aimed especially to accommodate those countries with increasing numbers of infections.

On the other hand, the representative from Vietnam did not agree with the postponement proposal due to the possibility of clashing with other major sporting events such as the Tokyo Olympics Games, the Under-20 FIFA World Cup, and the UEFA Euro tournament.

Another meeting will be held again on July 30th to reach a verdict on whether the competition will be held at the end of this year or push back to 2021.

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